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Dunk — Et al

This armchair, although made of polypropylene, takes its inspiration from upholstered seats: in the hypothetical meeting between two seams, there is an invitation for the hole. The polypropylene shell is available in two versions, with and without holes: one makes the chair stackable and more functional; the other non-stackable, more elegant, with a beautiful wooden frame.

Both versions are obtained through a single mould. The optimisation of the mould is only one of the pluses of Dunk: the Dunk armchair is available with 100% recyclable polypropylene or with r-PP polypropylene (recycled PP) with a composition varying between 65 and 85%, coming from the recovery of post-consumer material. Dunk offers a choice between elegance and functionality. Thanks to its versatility it can achieve a wide range of uses.